ITEM NO. 7.4
Meeting Date: October 10, 2017 Budgeted: Yes
To: Board of Directors Cost Estimate: $2,421,892.14
    Funding Source: All Funds
From: Marc Marcantonio, General Manager
Presented By: Delia Lugo, Finance Manager Dept: Finance
    Reviewed by Legal: N/A
Prepared By: Richard Cabadas, Accounting Assistant I CEQA Compliance: N/A
Subject: Payments of Bills, Refunds, and Wire Transfers
Section 31302 of the California Water Code says the District shall pay demands made against it when they have been approved by the Board of Directors.  Pursuant to law, staff is hereby submitting the list of disbursements for Board of Directors’ approval.
That the Board of Directors ratify and authorize disbursements in the amount of $2,421,892.14.

The items on this disbursement list includes: A wire of $444,594.74 to US Bank for 2012A revenue bond principal & interest payment; $1,467,133.16 to US Bank for 2017A revenue bond principal & interest payment; a check of $42,065.79 to City of Anaheim for August 2017 electricity charges at multiple locations; and a check of $40,502.11 to Dell for PowerEdge servers & IT equipment.  The balance of $151,702.86 is routine invoices.

The Accounts Payable check register total is $2,145,998.66; Payroll No. 19 total is $275,893.48; and the total of all listed disbursements for this agenda report is $2,421,892.14.  A summary of the disbursements is attached.

The Board of Directors approves bills, refunds and wire transfers semi-monthly.
Name: Description: Type:
17-CS_1010.pdf Cap Sheet Backup Material
CkReg101017.pdf Check Register Backup Material
17_CC_1010.pdf Credit Card Summary Backup Material