ITEM NO. 8.3
Meeting Date: October 10, 2017 Budgeted: N/A
To: Board of Directors Cost Estimate: $900,000
    Funding Source: Water Capital Reserves
From: Marc Marcantonio, General Manager
Presented By: Steve Conklin, Engineering Manager Dept: Engineering
    Reviewed by Legal: No
Prepared By: Danielle Logsdon, Associate Engineer CEQA Compliance: N/A
Subject: Waterline Replacement for Tract 15199 at the Northwest Corner of La Palma Ave and Camino de Bryant
Staff recommends replacement of approximately 2,300 feet of waterline within Tract 15199 because of multiple recent emergency repairs, as shown on the attached exhibit.
That the Board of Directors authorize staff to proceed with replacement of approximately 2,300 feet of waterline within Tract 15199 for an estimated cost of $900,000.
Staff is preparing the 2018 Waterline Replacement Project, Job No. 2017-24 for a tract that includes Pomegranate Road, Rancho Santa Ana Road, Susanna Bryant Drive, John Bixby Lane, and Ernest Johnson Circle.  There have been six main breaks since 2010 that have resulted in emergency repairs. The waterlines in these streets are breaking at an alarming rate and staff anticipates additional emergency repairs in the near future. Below is a history of recent main breaks.
  • 2010 Ernest Johnson Circle (two leaks)
  • 5/2/2016 John Bixby Lane
  • 9/15/2016 Rancho Santa Ana Road
  • 1/19/2017 Susanna Bryant Drive
  • 9/26/2017 Rancho Santa Ana Road
The construction of the waterline replacement was budgeted for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. However, while Staff was coordinating with the City, the City informed Staff that those streets are scheduled to be repaved this year and there will be a one year moratorium on all construction within the streets. The City is willing to delay repaving the streets to allow for the waterline replacement and is contacting the contractor to inquire about a credit or a cost to delay that portion of paving. The City has asked that the District conduct community outreach to the residents to inform them about the paving delay and waterline replacement.

Staff recommends moving up the construction to this fiscal year to save on the cost of repaving the streets and to minimize the inconvenience for those residents. Staff's opinion of probable construction costs is $900,000.
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Waterline_Replacement_TR_15199.pdf TR 15199 Leak History Backup Material
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