ITEM NO. 9.2
Meeting Date: October 10, 2017
To: Board of Directors
From: Marc Marcantonio, General Manager
Presented By: Delia Lugo, Finance Manager Dept: Finance
Prepared By: Kelly McCann, Senior Accountant
Subject: Cash and Investment Report for Period Ending August 31, 2017 
Government Code Section 530607, et. seq., requires the person delegated to invest funds to make monthly report of investments to the legislative body.

The Cash & Investment Portfolio Report presents the market value and percent yield for all District investments by institution.  The Cash & Investment Summary Report includes budget and actual interest and average term portfolio information as well as market value broken out by reserve categories. The Fair Value Measurement Report categorizes investments with the fair value hierarchy established by generally accepted accounting principles. 

The total average yield for the month ending August 31, 2017 is 1.22%. 

The overall increase in the investment balance from the previous month is approximately $126,000.  A large portion was due to the Water Operating Fund increasing by $373,759 and the Sewer Operating Fund increasing by $125,340 due to a positive net effect between operating revenues and expenses through the reporting month of the fiscal year.  The restricted 2017A Acquisition Fund decreased by $138,154 due to the payment capital expenses for the construction of the Fairmont Booster Pump Station. In addition, the Water Capital Project Reserve decreased by $237,181, due to its Pay-As-You-Go status for payments related to capital improvements.

FR 1-F: Continue to Record and Report the Fairly Stated Financial Activities of the District in a Timely and Transparent Manner to the Board of Directors and Member Agencies
Name: Description: Type:
Invst_Rpt_8-17.pdf Cash and Investment Portfolio Report Backup Material
Invst_Agenda_Backup_-_August_2017.pdf Cash and Investment Summary Report Backup Material
Fair_Value_Measurement_Report_8-17.pdf Fair Value Measurement Report Backup Material