ITEM NO. 9.1
Meeting Date: October 10, 2017
To: Board of Directors
From: Marc Marcantonio, General Manager
Presented By: Delia Lugo, Finance Manager Dept: Finance
Prepared By: Kelly McCann, Senior Accountant
Subject: Budget to Actual Reports for the Month Ending August 31, 2017

For the month ending August 31, 2017, staff is presenting Budget to Actual reports for the District as a whole, as well as the individual water and sewer funds.

Cumulative Volumetric Water Revenue, as reported through the month ending August 31, 2017, reflects an average rebound of 23.8% as compared to the prior year for the same reporting period.  Residential classified customer connections have experienced the largest rebound in monthly consumption as conservation restrictions were lifted compared to the prior year.    

Total Variable Costs results reflect at 1.4% increase when compared to prior year for the same reporting period.  The increase in costs is reflective of the increase in water demand which is 3.8% ahead of budget while taking into consideration In-Lieu water purchases.

Supplies & Services within the Water Department have decreased by 18.4%, due greatly to the District not incurring election costs compared to the prior year for the same reporting period.

FR 1-F: Continue to Record and Report the Fairly Stated Financial Activities of the District in a Timely and Transparent Manner to the Board of Directors and Member Agencies
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