ITEM NO. 9.1
Meeting Date: March 1, 2017
To: Board of Directors
From: Marc Marcantonio, General Manager
Presented By: Delia Lugo, Finance Manager Dept: Finance
Prepared By: Kelly McCann, Senior Accountant
Subject: Budget to Actual Statements for the Month Ending January 31, 2017
Cumulative Volumetric Water Revenue, as reported through the period ending January 31, 2016, reflects an average rebound of 15% as compared to prior year for the same reporting period. Landscape/Irrigation classified customer connections have had the largest rebound in monthly consumption for this reporting period (See included graph on consumption by customer class). As expected, when the weather cools and the rainy season begins customer consumption decreases. This is very evident for the month of December results, where commercial and landscape customer connections decreased their water usage due to the weather conditions.  Other Operating Revenue as reported for this fiscal year is significantly lowered than that of the prior year due the District suspending the assessment of administrative penalties.

Total Variable Water Costs results reflect a 17% increase when compared to prior year for the same reporting period. The increase in costs is reflective of an increase in demand as well as a higher cost per acre foot. As reflected in the charts the average monthly recovery percentage has decreased dramatically since a high of 30% above prior year demand in the summer. This is due to cooling weather and increased rain. The cumulative demand recovery from July through January is approximately 16%.
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